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About Lori Wilson-Jewett

Lori has been in the real estate business since 2000. She has experience in all areas of real estate, both sales and property management. Her experience includes but is not limited to listing homes for sale, helping buyers find a home to purchase, and working with tenants and property investors. With several years specializing in property management, she is very aware of the current rental market and it’s trends. Lori is not a high pressure sales person and is truly concerned about making sure her clients are educated and informed about their real estate options so they are equipped to confidently decide for themselves. This applies both with clients buying a property to live in, buy as an investment property, and with clients listing their home or investment property to sell. She is committed to her clients from the beginning through closing regardless of how long it takes. With so many years in the real estate business she has experienced every type of market so can confidently navigate for her clients to help take advantage of their options for the best possible outcome. She is the proud mother of five children and two grandchildren. In her spare time, she can be found at home with her animals, including a house bunny. She loves all types of music, but mostly rock-n-roll. She has recently learned to love fishing. “I love helping clients achieve their dreams! whether it’s helping them become a homeowner for the first time, buying their dream home, or using my rental market expertise to help clients become investors, or help investors build a portfolio of properties. That is why I’m in the real estate business, I absolutely love helping people,” is exactly how she feels about being a real estate agent.